About Me

Hey Everyone

This is the start to my writing career as Anna Marie. I am currently a college student who feel as though my field of study is not what I want to pursue as a career. I know this is a total cliche because what young adult doesn’t feel like their voice should be heard in order to get their point across on their ideas and beliefs. I just want to take my chance, and this is it for me. I want to see how this blog goes over the next year or so before I create my own domain name.

I personally am using the pen name Anne Marie for this blog as a way to give myself a creative outlet to express myself in things that I am passionate about. As I am still trying to get my feet wet with this process, I encourage commentary and feedback on my work. I mean I am interested in publishing short stories as well as posting different book review on the book I have currently read. As a side note I will be discussing my opinion on several topics, and if in any way I have offended you I need you to follow these instructions. I need you to close this website immediately and go fuck yourself. Now let the games begin.

Anna Marie.

P. S. This blog will contain a fucking of cussing, immature jokes, zero fucks given, and a lot of perverted and erotic topics. Your Welcome 😉